New Type Course Dates

Bostonair Technical Training are excited to announce we will be holding the following type courses over the next few months:


 B757 (PW2000) Diffs From B757 (RB211) B1/B2 

21.09.20 – 25.09.20 (delivered online via Zoom)

Theory Exam & Practical:
30.09.20 (located in Arlanda, Sweden)


A320 (CFM56 & V2500) B1/B2 

12.10.20 – 27.11.20 (delivered online via Zoom)

Theory Exam:
30.11.20 – 04.12.20 (located in Thessaloniki, Greece)

07.12.20 – 18.12.20 (located in Thessaloniki, Greece)

If you’re interested and would like to request more information or reserve a seat, please email