Aviation Electrostatic Discharge Training

Bostonair’s online Fatigue Risk Management Systems Training course (FRMS) will provide students with an ability to identify, assess, and implement controls to prevent the risk of fatigue within aviation organisations. Upon completion, applicants will be qualified to work in EASA / UK CAA organisations where a valid FRMS training certificate is a requirement.

Our FRMS course is completed fully online, with enrolled participants able to access and complete the required training materials 24/7, 365 days a year. This allows for learning wherever and whenever it’s convenient, with engaging multimedia content, real-world case studies, and interactive quizzes to enhance the learning experience and make sure that key concepts are reinforced and memorable.

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What’s included in our Electrostatic Discharge course?

The online course will provide aviation personnel with a knowledge of the risks and prevention techniques associated with electrostatic discharge. Training will take students through key concepts such as the definition of ESD and it’s causes, the risks posed by ESD in the workplace, alongside CAA / FAA and EASA regulations relating to Electrostatic Discharge.

Upon passing the course, personnel will have a thorough understanding of the techniques required to identify, control, and prevent Electrostatic Discharge, alongside equipment frequently used. The training will also cover documentation and reporting procedures required in instances where ESD has taken place, providing a real world, practical benefit.

Although applicable to a wide range of roles within the aviation workplace, the course is particularly applicable for licensed engineers, aviation maintenance technicians, and quality assurance staff. A broad overview of course outline can be seen below:

An overview of Static Electricity & ESD

  •  Materials
  • Storage Conditions Regulatory Requirements
  • Device Handling
  • Work Stations
  • Procedures
  • Components and Parts Packaging & Dispatch Considerations
  • The ESD Effort
  • Failure Conditions
  • Equipment Testing

Meet Our Training Team

Paul Gash

Head of Training

Alasdair Patrick

Head of Commercial (BTTL)

Aidan Gardner

Online Training Manager