ETOPS Training Courses

ETOPS, or Extended range Twin-engine Operations /  Operational Performance Standards, refers to an extended range twin operations approval permit that dictates the maximum distance (in flight time) an aircraft can be from a suitable runway if needed in an emergency.

Bostonair’s online ETOPS training course is designed to provide students with an increased awareness of ETOPS / EDTO regulations, and their influences on the development and working practices in the industry.

Available 24/7, 365 days a year, our ETOPS training courses allow you to learn at your convenience. Our course features engaging multimedia content, interactive quizzes, and real-world case studies to reinforce key concepts and enhance your learning experience.

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What is included in our ETOPS Training Course?

Our ETOPS training course includes the necessary information to satisfy the requirements of EASA AMC 20-6 rev.2 Effective: 23/12/2010 Annex II to ED Decision 2010/012/R of 16/12/2010 and FAA AC-120-42B – Extended Operations (ETOPS and Polar Operations).

On completion of our online courses, all students will be aware of the ETOPS regulations and how these impact working practices within the industry. The course topics include:

  • Introduction to ETOPS
  • History of ETOPS
  • Legislation harmonisation
  • Approvals
  • Type design approval
  • Operations approval
  • ETOPS for maintenance

Meet Our Training Team

Paul Gash

Head of Training

Alasdair Patrick

Head of Commercial (BTTL)

Aidan Gardner

Online Training Manager