An insight into our teams working on aircraft across the globe: Meet Bostonair Leipzig Duty Manager, Peter Kohlmueller

Peter Kohlmueller
Duty Manager @ Leipzig Line Station
Leipzig, Germany

How long have you been Duty Manager and what made you go for this role?

In June 2023, it will be two years I have been in this role. Before this, I was a 777
Coordinator and when I saw that Bostonair was hiring for a Duty Manager, I applied for the position. I had my interview with Stefan, who was very welcoming and it was exactly the position I was looking to do, so I went for it!

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

Being able to communicate and work with all different people from different
countries, with different languages and cultures. I love working with all different kinds of people and Bostonair is a fantastic place for that.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

When I’m at home my first duty is to my family of course, spending time with my wife and children, but between that I like to relax by driving my motor camper to different places whenever possible and when the weathers good. It’s important to have a
relaxing time when you’re off or otherwise you’ll go crazy!

Why did you choose Bostonair?

I have a long history in aviation, nearly 35 years and in the past I was working for
Air Berlin. We were always working together with Bostonair and the engineers for around 20 years. After AirBerlin ended, a colleague from told me I’d have the option to work in Leipzig as a 777 Coordinator, which I thought would be good for me as it was closer to home. That was the reason why I got in contact with Bostonair, it was recommended by a colleague, but I also knew Bostonair was a good company after working alongside them for years, so that was the reason I applied.

What advice would you give to someone who’s thinking of joining Bostonair?

The first thing most people think of is the money. At Bostonair you get your money on time, always – that is a big issue in the aviation engineering industry, but at Bostonair you are always paid on time.

We always do our best to make you feel welcome at Bostonair. We’re a good team. I always say to people ‘Come in, my door is always open’ if you have a problem I want to know about them and I’ll do my best to help you solve them.

We are like a family, the business is getting bigger and bigger but we’re still a family. Everyone knows each other and we’ll always do our best to make you happy here.


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