Executive Recruitment

We recognise that there are only very select candidates available for the most senior level roles in aviation and of those even less suitable. Our intensive process uncovers “passive” candidates who we are able to uncover that are open to new opportunities at the highest level. With extremely strong skill sets and backgrounds, Bostonair has an enviable reputation for providing the very best quality people available.

Choosing Bostonair for your Executive Search needs

Why Choose Bostonair for Your Executive Search Needs?

  • Strong database of exceptional candidates
  • Ability to find candidates not available on the market
  • Intensive “deep-dive” sourcing process
  • Psychometric and behavioural testing
  • Candidates prepared to work in your location and market
  • Delivering the highest return on investment

Flexible and “worldwide” approach to being available for customers and candidates

Our global executive recruitment team

Tom Anderton

Head of Sales

Nick Harrison

General Manager - Bostonair Group

Permanent Recruitment & Executive Search

Emily Render

Emily is a forward thinking and proactive recruiter who utilizes all the latest technologies & methods to ensure maximum reach into the candidate marketplace.

Emily utilises an integrated, partnership approach to Executive Search to ensure the best possible recruitment process, along with a strong focus on confidentiality, honesty & professionalism.

If you require support for executive search services please get in touch with Bostonair here…

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