Safety & Compliance

Looking to save on your overheads and add more flexibility when it comes to safety and compliance? We provide a turn-key solution, absorbing additional work at a competitive price, without the need for full-time and less flexible resource.

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Safety and compliance activity remains the mainstay of our services but supplemented with Subject Matter Expertise in Fatigue Risk Management, Safety Risk, Hazard Analysis and provision of experienced support for IOSA accreditation and renewal projects.

Our approach is to fit within the culture of the customer organisation and provide incremental value both in terms of the actual output of the service and the commercial model deployed.

We have the ability to act as simply an extra internal resource for compliance and audit activity, but where required switch to offer an independent view and advice where deemed appropriate. We offer a tailored, individual model for each client that is price competitive and has highly experienced professionals at its core, allowing you to focus on the day job without worrying about resources and cost.

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Stuart Jones

Head of Safety & Compliance services

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Head of Sales

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General Manager - Bostonair Group

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