Bespoke Business Training

Unlock the potential of your team and elevate your business with Bostonair’s bespoke corporate training, management, and team leadership training courses.

Bostonair works with our customers to understand ‘where they are now’, and ‘where they aspire to be’ and delivers bespoke business training programmes to get them there. We’re equipped to work with businesses of all sizes across a wide range of sectors and can adapt training to suit specific business and personnel needs.

Our comprehensive programmes cover a wide array of areas, including leadership, management, behavioural and organisational change, team development, business planning, sales, customer services, and communication.

Our courses

Personnel & Self Management

Our Self & Personnel Management course is designed to enhance your leadership abilities. Learn practical techniques that you can apply immediately to improve your own and your team’s performance. Our training focuses on real-world solutions, not just theoretical models, ensuring you can quickly implement what you’ve learned in your workplace.

Business Leadership (Bitesize)

Explore the world of business management coaching with our Bitesize Business Leadership courses. We make learning engaging and enjoyable through experiential problem-solving games, role plays, and action learning sets. Expect 360-degree feedback, group discussions, and personalised one-on-one sessions that challenge you to innovate and think differently.

Selling & Key Account Management

Our Selling and Key Account Management course is perfect for those seeking to enhance their sales and project management skills. Discover innovative approaches to boost sales, improve customer relationships, and manage key accounts effectively. Our training ensures long-lasting results by encouraging practical application in the workplace.

Our Expert Trainer & Coach, Meet Bobby Singh

Bobby Singh, our dedicated trainer and coach, has been transforming businesses since 2011 with the aim to “Make Good Organisations and Good People, Great”.

Bobby previously worked for QED Consulting as Head of People and Organisation Development, ICE Partnership as Senior Consultant, Doncaster Council as a Business Analyst and Cheshire County Council as a Research Analyst.

With a rich background in organisational development and extensive experience with reputable organisations, Bobby is passionate about developing people. “Your staff are your business’s most important resource,” says Bobby. “To achieve business success, you need to develop your people to solve problems, make decisions, work collaboratively, and manage themselves.”