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Bostonair has provided a range of recruitment services to the European aviation and aerospace sector since 1997 – placing qualified individuals into aviation jobs and sourcing the necessary personnel where required. Our solutions have expanded to include contract/temporary labour and permanent and executive search services.

The core roles we provide in aviation maintenance temporarily include B1/B2 Licensed Engineers, Unlicensed Engineers, CAT A’s, Sheet Metal Workers and Cabin Mechanics. Bostonair also provides Auditors, Tech Reps, Technical Records staff and Consultants to the aviation sector.

We provide a wide range of personnel for permanent recruitment including maintenance, operations, planning and logistics.

Bostonair’s recruitment services are quality accredited through ISO9001:2015

27 Years

supporting the aviation industry with contract recruitment

Contract Recruitment

Bostonair’s recruitment business originated in contract and temporary recruitment services support the German aviation market, and since 1997 has supplied a range of aviation maintenance and aircraft production staff to the aviation and aerospace sectors to several key clients such as Lufthansa, DHL/EAT, Condor, TUI Group, SAS, Austrian Airlines and Airbus. Typical roles we provide for include B1 and B2 Licensed Engineers, Unlicensed Engineers, CAT A’s, Sheet Metal Workers and Cabin/Composite Mechanics.

We have since expanded, supporting several key markets in Europe such as Norway, Denmark, Austria and the Netherlands as well as the UK. Since 2022 we have also supported the Australian market working with Jetstar and Qantas Group.

Investment in People

At Bostonair, we always look at how we can invest in our staff and further their development.
With an OJT programme in Leipzig, multiple in-house apprenticeships and regular company training we know progressing and development is the key to happy staff and happy customers.

Long-term Partnerships

At Bostonair, we always aim to work strategically with both our customers and the contractors we provide, delivering services for the long-term, whilst working to provide our contractors with a range of opportunities to suit them.

Match your skillsets

We will work closely with you to ensure we match candidates skillsets with the right role. We discuss our candidates credentials, work experience and history in the role before submitting them forwards. This helps us to make sure both client and candidates are happy with the new position.

Permanent Recruitment

With over 27 years’ experience in sourcing and placing the best candidates in Europe and further afield, Bostonair also offers permanent recruitment services.

We can provide similar roles to our clients as we do for our contract positions, but we also can provide candidates for more specialist positions. If you are struggling to recruit in-house or your current agency is not able to provide sufficient candidates, then please get in touch with us. Bostonair work with our clients closely and always look to help them solve challenges through innovative approaches and solutions.

Intensive & Confidential sourcing process

Bostonair operate in a discreet manner in order to ensure smooth communications between our clients and the candidates we provide.

Extensive Database

Extensive network of candidates. Bostonair operate globally and have candidates in most countries in the world on our database. We can access candidates very quickly using out state of the art Bullhorn CRM system.

Robust Screening

We ensure there is a robust screening process, which acts as filtration system. This means only the very best candidates are presented to our clients.

Flexible & Worldwide

Executive Search

We recognise that there are only very select candidates available for the most senior level roles in aviation and of those even less suitable. Our intensive process uncovers “passive” candidates who we are able to uncover that are open to new opportunities at the highest level. With extremely strong skill sets and backgrounds, Bostonair has an enviable reputation for providing the very best quality people available.

Why choose Bostonair for your Executive Recruitment Needs?

  • Strong database of exceptional candidates
  • Ability to find candidates not available on the market
  • Intensive “Deep-dive” Sourcing process
  • Psychometric and behavioural testing
  • Candidates prepared to work in your location and market
  • Delivering the highest return on investment
  • Flexible and “worldwide” approach to being available for customers and candidates

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