Our Culture & Values

Our culture & values are the heart of everything we do. Whether that be through the actions of our people, working with our customers or delivering a service. They sum up how we do things as a business and as a team.

Meet the Team


Continuous improvement and striving for excellence help us to build long-lasting, trusting relationships with our people & customers.


Competence & reliability are pre requisites to building long lasting relationships with our customers


We believe in the quality of being honest and holding firm to strong moral principles


We operate in safety critical sectors, we must never compromise on the laws, rules and principles that are intended to keep people safe.


To have empathy with our people and customers, and through considered decision making, deliver positive and successful outcomes for those we interact with.

Duty Manager, Leipzig Line Station

Meet Peter

I have a long history in aviation, nearly 35 years and in the past I was working for Air Berlin. We were always working together with Bostonair and the engineers for around 20 years. After AirBerlin ended, a colleague from told me I’d have the option to work in Leipzig as a 777 Coordinator, which I thought would be good for me as it was closer to home. That was the reason why I got in contact with Bostonair, it was recommended by a colleague, but I also knew Bostonair was a good company after working alongside them for years, so that was the reason I applied.

I love being able to communicate and work with all different people from different countries, with different languages and cultures. I love working with all different kinds of people and Bostonair is a fantastic place for that.

Part 145/147 Auditor and QSHE Manager

Meet Lauryn

My role puts me as one of the main contacts in regard to maintaining engineer compliance and approval documents, liaising with the internal and external personnel to ensure we have the coverage required to carry out operations in line with customer requirements and auditing to ensure we maintain regulatory compliance in both our Part 145 organsiation and out Part 147 organisation.

The most enjoyable part for me, is being able to sit with my team and assist in streamlining the processes and procedures to simplify things for everyone. This allows us to then put more focus into items that will help the business achieve even more than we already have. I am passionate about investigating issues and helping my colleagues come up with ‘easier’ ways to get things done and being a part of the Quality team has allowed me to really hone in on this passion of mine.

Line Maintenance Deputy Supervisor

Meet Pablo

My name is Pablo Lopez, I come from Spain and I am the Deputy Supervisor at Bostonair’s line station in Leipzig, Germany!

My favourite thing is managing the operation itself, it’s something that can be quite challenging because it’s constantly changing and at the end of the day when you see the results it’s quite motivating! And of course the people! We have an amazing team here in Leipzig. Aviation is constantly changing with high-tech innovations and it was for that reason it kept my interest in it and made me choose it as my career! Now I have been an engineer for over 10 years and I love every minute of it.

When I’m not at work it depends on where I am, If I’m in Leipzig I like to explore the city with my friends and ride my bicycle, of course, there’s a beach here too and plenty of nightlife! When I’m home in Spain, I like to enjoy the sea and I go sailing and enjoy good food! Being part of Bostonair is being part of an aviation mad company, if you’re not passionate about your job and the people around you it won’t work.  Bostonair is a family and we all work as a team!

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