Boston Spotlight – “Why joining the Bostonair OJT programme at Leipzig has significantly helped develop my career as a Licenced Aircraft Engineer” Interview with Bostonair’s Goncalo Silva.

This month, Boston Spotlight speaks to Goncalo Silva, Licenced Aircraft Engineer who works for Bostonair’s Part 145 Line Maintenance Division in Leipzig.

Q: Before we get stuck into the work questions, Goncalo, please tell us more about your life away from work?

A: Outside of my job I try to spend as much time as I can with my family. I also enjoy playing sports and reading books. As I’m so passionate about aviation most of what read involve anything to do with aircraft!

I also take the opportunity to visit friends when I am in Portugal.

Q: What is your professional background and connection to the aviation industry?

A: My background has always involved Aviation, and I become interested in aircraft when I was only 6 years old!

I started my professional career at 17 years old with Força Aérea Portuguesa. After the Air Force I then spent 7 years in Portugal working on helicopters used in fire-fighting and medical emergencies. I worked in Abu Dhabi performing Helicopter maintenance prior to joining Bostonair. I really enjoyed my experience there and learning so much about a different culture. It really helped develop me as a person.

Q: Why did you want to become a Licenced Aircraft Engineer?

A: I mentioned previously that from a very young age I always wanted to be a technician in aviation. Whilst my initial route was in Helicopter maintenance where I gained my Helicopter engineer’s licence, I always wanted to work on fixed wing aircraft. So, I undertook studies and took examinations for an Aircraft Engineer’s licence and really enjoyed understanding and learning the differences between Helicopters and Fixed-Wing Aircraft. It made my mind up that I was doing the right thing!

I was always lucky that everything came together so well for me and I was able to go to some of the places I wished to go as child. Working in the Aviation sector is already fulfilling my dreams and I don’t see myself working in any other profession.

Q: How did you find out about Bostonair’s OJT programme and would you recommend it?

A: I have a friend at Bostonair and they called me to talk about the OJT programme. I became very interested and saw the value in it. Being able to get the first type on my licence as well as gaining hands-on experience for a minimum of two years made a lot of sense so I got in contact with Bostonair and made an application. I was delighted and very grateful to be accepted on the OJT programme and above all am very happy with my decision to go for it. I would not change anything at all it was without a doubt the best choice I have made in my life, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to start a career in fixed wing aircraft.

Q: How have you found working for Bostonair’s Line Maintenance Division in Leipzig, and what have you learned since you started working for the Company?

A: Once accepted to the be on the programme, Bostonair told me that I was going to undertake the B757 course and it’s OJT. I was impressed at the organization and speed of the admission process!

Every day is different and there are a range of different tasks which makes it possible to learn new things, and this has given me more confidence at work. I work alongside excellent professionals with a lot of experience and always willing to teach and support, either in the Company’s procedures with documentation, or in the tasks we perform on the aircraft.

Q: What else have Bostonair provided you with that have helped you be successful in your professional development?

A: Currently I am undertaking an A300 type course and the company is giving me all the tools for the development of my work. In just over a year I have become already a licenced engineer on the B757, and I hope to register the A300 in just over a month. As I mentioned above, the support of my colleagues and the senior Licenced Aircraft Engineers at Bostonair’s Line Maintenance Division in Leipzig has been really important to my professional development.

Q: What are you most proud of achieving during your time with Bostonair?

A: I am very proud to have registered the first type on my licence. It was something I had longed for and Bostonair gave me that possibility.

Q: What has working for Bostonair been like for you, and what would you recommend to others about the business?

A: For me working at Bostonair has been great! The workgroup is very good, which is very important, and the days are never the same as time goes very fast at work. Doing what you love in the Company is always rewarding. I would say to other aircraft Engineers who are looking to be able to undertake their first type training and gain a lot of experience to get in touch with Bostonair, and if they are chosen for the OJT programme they will not regret it.

Q: So, Goncalo, what else would you like to achieve in your career? Do you have any future aspirations?

A: For now, I want to continue doing what I enjoy the most which is to work directly on the planes, either in the hangar or on the line. I hope it stays this way for some time to come!

One day many years from now, who knows, I might be an instructor for the Organisation that helped me take my first steps on fixed wing aircraft.

To find more about Bostonair’s line maintenance division please visit the website and if you are interested in following in Goncalo’s footsteps in become a type rated licenced engineer via our OJT programme please send your CV, covering letter and email to – note you must be eligible to work in the EU.