Meet Fenella: Bostonair welcomes new General Manager to head up new Bostonair APAC office

Bostonair is excited to welcome Fenella Jefferson to the team as she takes on her new role as Bostonair APAC, General Manager.

Fenella will be leading the new branch for Bostonair in Singapore, supporting customers in the APAC region including Australia, New Zealand , Taiwan and Thailand, with their contract, permanent and executive search recruitment requirements.

We caught up with her in our latest Boston Spotlight to find out more about her experience in the aviation industry, her role at Bostonair APAC and what we can expect in the future from Bostonair.

  1. Hi Fenella! Tell us a little bit about yourself, what do you like to get up to in your time outside of work?

I’m a commercial pilot and like to do some flying at a private level. I enjoy staying active and like to go running, swimming, the gym. I also love gardening.

  1. What is your role at Bostonair APAC – could you tell us a bit more about what it entails?

I am General Manager at Bostonair APAC. As part of our offering to clients in Asia we specialise in contract and permanent recruitment in the aviation industry across Asia, Australia and New Zealand. After an already very positive start, in the future we hope to introduce more of the services our European branch can provide to our portfolio.

  1. Had you always wanted a career in aviation? Tell us a little bit more about your experience.

Yes, except I hadn’t set my sights on aviation recruitment at the beginning – I’ve wanted to be a pilot since I was 3. I ended up in aviation recruitment when we moved to the UK, and I have really enjoyed my career and helping bring Bostonair to Singapore. Before this though I realised my dream of becoming a pilot and am now a commercial pilot and flying instructor and have been flying for 21 years. I started flying sea planes and from there got into instructing and absolutely loved it. Flying 5 years around the top of Australia as an account manager, providing clothing, hard goods, everything they need in aboriginal communities has to be one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had.

  1. What is Bostonair APAC? What are our services/capabilities? Aviation recruitment & possibly other services.

Bostonair APAC (Bostonair Asia Pacific) focuses on assisting our clients in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand by supporting them with their recruitment requirements. We specialise in the recruitment of aviation engineers and mechanics through contract and permanent recruitment, much like our European branches, Bostonair, Bostonair GmbH and Bostonair Ireland. For a new business we have had a really exciting start so we are very much looking forward to expanding our offering in the future to include aviation training, consulting and auditing.

  1. What’s going on in the aviation industry right now?

Earlier in my career I was solely focused on recruiting pilots, and then COVID-19 happened. After this I began recruiting engineers for the aviation industry. In my opinion the demand for engineers hasn’t been as affected as other roles in the aviation industry, however everything is ramping up like mad now as the industry sees a huge recovery and unprecedented demands since the end of the pandemic. Even though it’s all hands-on deck now, it is a good time for the industry – things are finally getting back to normal, or in most cases better than before. It’s a fantastic time to be in aviation right now, in any kind of role.

  1. Can you tell us a bit about what the future holds for Bostonair APAC?

We have a client base already that we’re working with, so there’s quite a lot going on already. In the future, we will be able to see customers face to face and so looking forward to being able to pursue these contacts.

To find out more about Bostonair APAC, visit our new website.