6 Benefits of Contract Work in Aviation

Whether you’re just starting out in the aviation industry or you’re currently in a permanent position, moving to Contract employment can seem daunting. We spoke to Bostonair’s Operational Manager Nick Harrison about the benefits of contract work and why it could be the best route for you.


Bostonair have been a leading company for contract and temporary recruitment since 1997 and have worked closely with several key clients such as TUI, DHL /EAT, Condor and Lufthansa. Since COVID-19, the world’s view on work-life balance has changed and in the recovery process for the aviation industry, many airlines have also changed, viewing contract employment as not only beneficial for themselves but also for their staff and the efficiency of the workforce in general.

If you’re considering contract employment, Nick tells us what the top 6 reasons are for why you should join the contract workforce with Bostonair:

  1. Flexibility

“One of the biggest pulls for contractors in this industry is the flexibility. We have a lot of people on our system who have families, have personal commitments they want to continue or just crave that work/life balance. With a growing customer base across the world, Bostonair has several vacancies with contracts ranging from one day to 18 months. Perhaps the biggest difference between contract work and permanent roles is the flexibility of work, ultimately giving you the choice of where and when you’d like to work.”


  1. Variety

“Bostonair is a global company with line stations and vacancies stretched across both Europe and the APAC region, including Australia. As a Bostonair contract employee, you will have the opportunity to work on different projects for different companies in various locations around the world. This can provide you with a greater variety of experiences, invaluable for your career development but also your personal gain. You can learn new skills and gain experience in different scenarios and with different people. Making you an a more versatile and marketable employee.”


  1. Higher Earnings

“Contract employment can be more lucrative than traditional employment, with contractors often receiving higher earnings than permanent employees. This is usually because you are not receiving benefits such as health insurance, vacation pay or sick leave. Additionally, if you can a skilled and experienced aircraft engineer, you may be in high demand – especially post-COVID, which can drive up your potential earnings. “


  1. More control

“As a contract employee with Bostonair, you can choose the projects and locations where you end up working – depending on experience and requirements. Contract employment is widely used in the aviation industry and since COVID there is an increasingly high demand for aviation personnel all over the world. There is always contract work in various exciting locations around the world. As long as you have the right to work in these countries and you meet the requirements for the role, you have control over where and what you do.”


  1. Opportunity for growth

“Contract employment can provide you with opportunities for professional growth. As you work on different projects and gain new skills and experience, you can become more valuable to employers. Bostonair also offers a variety of training courses, both online and practical Type Training courses that are flexible and tailored to you.”


  1. Support

“With Bostonair we support you every step of the way, from regular check-ins and support to organising transport and accommodation*. With Bostonair, contract employment doesn’t mean you’re on your own, it means you have the freedom to choose what, where and when you’d like to work – we’ll be behind you every step of the way.”

At Bostonair, we’re always on the lookout for the following roles for contract work across the world:

  • B1 Licensed Engineers / B2  Licensed Engineers
  • Unlicensed Aircraft Engineers
  • CAT A Mechanics
  • Cabin Mechanics
  • Tech Reps
  • Sheet Metal Workers
  • Aviation Auditors / Consultors
  • CAMO / Tech Service Engineers
  • Composite Mechanics

And many more!

If you’re interested in contract or temporary roles in aviation and would like to find out more about the opportunities available at Bostonair, view our latest vacancies and find more information on our contract recruitment page.

If you have any further enquiries or questions about a role, get in touch:
Email: admin@bostonair.co.uk 
Phone: +44 (0) 1482 679757.

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