Free taster workshop: Managing Self, Relationships & Tasks.

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To showcase our abilities, we’re hosting two free workshops in June, so you can try our bespoke business training course on “Managing Self, Relationships & Tasks.”


Tuesday 4th June 2024
9.30 – 3.30

Thursday 6th June 2024
9.30 – 3.30


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Taster session – Managing Self, Relationships & Tasks (9.30-3.30)


Our Self & Personnel Management course is designed to enhance your leadership abilities. Learn practical techniques that you can apply immediately to improve your own and your team’s performance. Our training focuses on real-world solutions, not just theoretical models, ensuring you can quickly implement what you’ve learned in your workplace.

It is important to understand and manage yourself: “If you can command yourself, you can command the world”; develop relationships and effectively with others “People like working with people they like, who are like them, and they trust”; and manage time effectively “Working smarter is doing one thing at a time, doing it right, and doing it once”. By participating in this highly interactive, fun, and challenging session, you will learn a range of knowledge, skills, and behaviours that will help you succeed.

Our free taster course will cover the following:

‘If you can command yourself, you can command the world.’

  • Understand and celebrate what makes you unique and your contribution to the business.
  • Understand potential hindrances and how others might see you.
  • Develop practical approaches to manage and motivate yourself and deal with stress and setbacks.

‘People like working with people they like, who are like them, and they trust.” 

  • Understand how to work with others. It is not always about treating people how you want to be treated, but it is about treating people how they want or need to be treated.
  • Identify what makes a high-performing team and a successful team member.
  • Develop and practice key interpersonal skills, such as communication, rapport building, questioning, active listening, body language, and feedback.

‘Working smarter is doing one thing at a time, doing it right and doing it once.’

  • Understand your time management style – strengths and tools that might help.
  • Complete a time log and review how you spend your time and potential ‘time thieves’.
  • Develop techniques for managing and controlling your workday.

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