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Online Training Help & FAQs

“I’ve bought a course but I haven’t received any login details?”


Make sure you have ‘redeemed’ your training and set up your username

  1. Head to and enter the username (s) to take the training.If all the courses are for the same person (i.e yourself) use the dropdown menu to select the previous usernames to ensure they are all added to the same account. Please make sure you use a unique username with at least 8 characters, including 1 number, so there are no conflicts with existing accounts.
  2. If you have redeemed the username, check on your Junk folder to see if the login has been diverted into there.

Contact us if the problem persists or if the password is missing.
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“I have received login details but they don’t work”


  1. Please ensure you are logging onto the training site at:
  2. Ensure details are entered exactly as received, including the ‘bostonair_’ part of the username.
  3. Automatic passwords (sent from the system) can be used only ONCE and will be changed on first use.

Contact us if the problem persists or if the password is missing.
Phone: +44 (0) 1482 679757


“Do I need Initial or Continuation for my online training?”
  • If it is the first time for training OR the training initial certificate cannot be found then it is advised that the initial training course is taken.
  • Human Factors, EWIS and Fuel Tank Safety Training lasts for 2 years.
    If you already hold your initial certificate and you are undertaking training for your renewal, then the continuation courses are sufficient.

(Note: Some organisations require a full continuation of training, so if there is a large enough gap between certificates expiring and being renewed, the initial training may be needed again. This can differ based on individual Company’s Quality Procedures.)


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“Which EWIS Groups do I require?”


EWIS 1&2

Is defined as being for Qualified staff performing EWIS maintenance and qualified staff performing maintenance inspections on EWIS.

E.g. B2 Engineers, Electrical engineers/inspectors, avionic engineers/inspectors.

(Note: Some organisations require B1 Engineers who are signing-off aircraft to be Group 1&2 trained) 

EWIS 4&5 

Defined as being for Qualified staff performing general maintenance/inspections not involving wire maintenance (LRU change is not considered wire maintenance) & Qualified staff performing other engineering or planning work on in-service aircraft.

E.g. A Licenced Engineers, B1 Licensed Engineers, Sheet Metal Workers (SMW) and Mechanics.


Defined as being for other service staff with duties in proximity to electrical wiring interconnection systems.

E.g. (but not limited to): Aeroplane cleaners, cargo loaders, re-fueling staff, lavatory servicing personnel, de-icing personnel, push-back personnel etc.


Defined as being for Flight Deck Crew.


Defined as being for Cabin Crew.


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“How much are the courses?”

Single Courses

  • Human Factors 
    Initial: £60.00
    Continuation:  £50.00
  • Fuel Tank Safety 1 & 2
    Initial: £60.00
    Continuation: £60.00
  • EWIS (both initial & continuation)
    Group 1 & 2:  £60.00
    Group 4 & 5: £50.00
    Group 6/7/8:  £20.00
  • Dangerous Goods / ETOPS / Safety Management Systems / EASA Part 145 / EASA Part M: £60.00


  • 20% discount for TWO courses bought:
  • 30% Discount for THREE courses bought:
  • 40% Discount for FOUR courses bought:

If you still require assistance, contact us 
Phone: +44 (0) 1482 679757

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